Doctor Who: 100

Directed by Nicholas Briggs

Written by Jacqueline Rayner, Robert Shearman, Joseph Lidster, Paul Cornell

Recorded on: 25 June and 12 July 2007

100 is a Big Finish Productions audio drama based on the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who. It consists of four one-part stories by different authors, rather than the usual multi-part serial, all involving the number 100 in some way. All episodes feature the Sixth Doctor as played by Colin Baker and Evelyn Smythe played by Maggie Stables.

  • 100 BC By Jacqueline Rayner
    This story is set in Rome in 100 BC and involves the parents of Julius Caesar.
    Gaius Julius Caesar . . . . . Will Thorp
    Aurelia . . . . . Lucy Paterson
    Midwife . . . . . Susan Brown

    My Own Private Wolfgang By Robert Shearman
    This story involves an abnormally prolonged life of Mozart.
    Mozart/Butler/Guest . . . . . John Sessions

    Bedtime Story By Joseph Lidster
    This story involves an unusual curse befalling an even more unusual family.
    Jacob . . . . . Will Thorp
    Old Jacob . . . . . Frank Finlay
    Talia . . .. . Martha Cope
    Mary . . . . . . Susan Brown
    Julia . . . . . Lucy Paterson
    Patrick . . . . . . Alex Mallinson

    The 100 Days of the Doctor By Paul Cornell
    This story concerns the Doctor preventing an assassination attempt on himself.
    Assassin . . . . . . Nicholas Briggs

    These stories take place between the television adventures The Trial of a Time Lord and Time and the Rani.

  • This is the only time Frank was directly involved in a Dr Who production. However he does have a few connections - in 1960 he appeared in the TV Sci-Fi series Target Luna as Mr Henderson. The series was produced by Sydney Newman who later co-created Doctor Who for the BBC. Fellow Target Luna actor Michael Craze played Ben Jackson alongside the First and Second Doctors.

    A publicity photo of Frank as Porthos in the 1973 film The Three Musketeers was the basis for the musketeer on David McAllister's cover artwork for the novelisation of Doctor Who episode The Mind Robber.