The Life and Travels of Miguel de Cervantes

aka Life and Travels of Miguel de Cervantes, Author of 'Don Quixote'

Directed by Joseph P. Ryan
Writer: Joseph P. Ryan

Broadcast: 28th December 1972

  • Frank Finlay . . . . . . . . Narrator

    The documentary preceded the BBC production of The Adventures of Don Quixote (Play of the Month 7 January 1973) starring Rex Harrison as Don Quixote and Frank as Sancho Panza.

    Frank won the 1974 BAFTA TV Awards for Best Actor for this portrayal.

    A film about the author of Don Quixote narrated by Frank Finlay. Don Quixote was published in 1604 and has been a bestseller ever since. It has been filmed several times, made into a musical, and on Sunday 7 January will be presented on BBC television with Rex Harrison playing Don Quixote.

    The Don and his servant Sancho Panza are famous figures - but the story of their creator, Miguel de Cervantes, is much less well known. .

    This film biography traces the adventurous life of Miguel de Cervantes until he died on 23 April 1616 - on the same day as William Shakespeare.

    Radio Times 28th December 1972.