The Twopenny Diamond

Produced by Barbara Hammond
Writer: Sutherland Ross


  • Diana Beevers ... Susan Mayfield
    Maurice Durant ... Mr. Mayfield
    Frank Finlay ... Mr. Pearce
    Ian Hobbs ... Simon Mayfield
    Victor Platt ... Mr. Aquila
    Catherine Salkeld ... Miss Widgett
    Gregory Scott ... Inspector Gadd
    Bay White ... Mrs. Mayfield

  • The Farnworth and Worsley Journal Friday July 20th 1956

    A small article noting Frank's first television appearance in The Twopenny Diamond. Frank was born in Farnworth and was very involved with the local amateur acting scene being a member of Farnworth Little Theatre, as well as performing professionally in Rep at the Hippodrome, Bolton with The Lawrence-Williamson Repertory Players.