Station Jim

Directed by John Roberts
Writers: Joanne Reay (idea), Mark Wallington

  • George Cole ... Stationmaster Pope
    Charlie Creed-Miles ... Bob Gregson
    Martin Savage ... Stanley
    John Thomson ... Harold
    Harry Peacock ... George
    Laura Fraser ... Harriet Collins
    Celia Imrie ... Miss Frazier
    Frank Finlay ... Riorden Snr
    David Haig ... Riorden Jnr
    David Ross ... Chambers
    David Bradley ... Elliot
    Nadia Sawalha ... Rosa
    Stanley Townsend ... Matapan
    Prunella Scales ... Queen Victoria
    Timothy West ... Sir Christopher Ellis
    Graham Seed ... Queen Victoria's secretary
    Thomas Sangster ... Henry
    James Ward ... Charlie
    Millie Findlay ... Alice
    Eric Byrne ... Tommy
    Francesca Martin ... Polly
    Roy Smiles ... Angry Local
    Tim Faraday ... Angry Local
    Nick Bartlett ... Angry Local
    Tom Hayes ... Train Driver
    Jonathan Stratt ... Fire Chief
    Vicki Pepperdine ... Nurse

  • It is the 1890s. Bob Gregson is a young lad who works as a porter at a rural railway station. He is keen to impress the stationmaster who is looking for a successor because he is about to retire. Having fallen in love with a teacher called Harriet Collins, Bob wants to raise money to save the local orphanage where she works and where he was brought up, after he hears that a local businessman, Mr Riorden, wants to sell it as part of a property deal. He discovers a stray Jack Russell terrier in one of the crates of goods that were delivered to the station and finds out that it can perform tricks such as standing on its hind legs because it had previously worked in a circus.

    "Station Jim" soon becomes a local attraction with the passengers who pay money to see its tricks. Then it is announced that Queen Victoria will be visiting the station. If Bob plays his cards right, maybe he could persuade her to become a patron of the orphanage. Surely Mr Riorden would have second thoughts if she was a patron. Unknown to him, some anti-royalist terrorists are planning to shoot Victoria during the visit, but Station Jim recognises that the assassin is his old owner at the circus, foils the attempt and saves the day.