The Lost Prince

Directed by Stephen Poliakoff
Writer: Stephen Poliakoff

  • Daniel Williams ... Prince John (younger)
    Matthew Thomas ... Prince John (older)
    Brock Everitt-Elwick ... Young Prince George
    Rollo Weeks ... Prince George
    Gina McKee ... Lalla
    Tom Hollander ... George V
    Miranda Richardson ... Queen Mary
    Bill Nighy ... Stamfordham
    Bibi Andersson ... Queen Alexandra
    Ron Cook ... Lloyd George
    Frank Finlay ... Asquith
    David Westhead ... Fred
    John Sessions ... Mr. Hansell
    Michael Gambon ... Edward VII
    David Barrass ... Kaiser Wilhelm

  • Frank Finlay, on his role as Asquith

    "I thought the screenplay was a beautiful, wonderfully written story. It is very moving, but at the same time very educational. It's told from a sympathetic viewpoint. It shows that the Royal Family was a family with problems like anyone else. Viewers will be able to relate to that. He was a very intelligent man, born and bred in Yorkshire. His father was a wool merchant who died when Asquith was eight years old. The boy turned out to be extremely bright and won a scholarship to Oxford. He was a very successful lawyer before he became a politician. He was also very honorable. He turned down a lot of lucrative work as a QC in order to become Prime Minister. Even so, Asquith did not enjoy an entirely happy relationship with the Royal Family. He didn't approve of the way the King and Queen lived in a little cottage at Sandringham. All in all, he was an intriguing man, but we only get a glimpse of him here.

    Stephen Poliakoff is more interested in the human story than the politics. The core of the story is the deeply affecting love between a nanny and a young boy."