Directed by Ken Horn
Writer: Johnny Byrne, Nicholas Rhea ("Constable" novels)


Season 4, Episode 14 - Lost and Found

  • Nick Berry ... PC Nick Rowan
    Niamh Cusack ... Dr. Kate Rowan
    Derek Fowlds ... Sergeant Oscar Blaketon
    Bill Maynard ... Claude Jeremiah Greengrass
    William Simons ... PC Alf Ventress
    Mark Jordon ... PC Phil Bellamy
    Stuart Golland ... George Ward
    Tricia Penrose ... Gina Ward
    Phil Atkinson ... Mal Squires
    Tony Barton ... Orry Gaines
    Anthony Booth ... Napper Minto (as Tony Booth)
    Frank Finlay ... Howard Franklin
    Thora Hird ... Hannah Stockdale
    Joel Lawrence ... Alan
    Shahid Malik ... Malik
    Lloyd Peters ... Derek Wilson
    Isobel Raine ... Margaret Holworth
    Michael Wardle ... Jim Stockdale
    Jack Watling ... The Colonel

  • Howard Franklin arrives in Aidensfield with a special request. His wife has just died and her last wish was to be laid to rest in the family grave although they have had no contact with her family since World War I. But her mother Hannah Stockdale blames Franklin for keeping her daughter away from her and for the loss of her two eldest sons in the war, and she will not even give him the time of day. On arrival he discovers that his suitcase with her urn has been switched by mistake. The annual county fete draws nearer and sergeant Blaketon has everybody on their toes. Napper Minto's dog is the favorite to win the Lurcher Challenge Cup at the fete, but Greengrass is determined that Alfred should be this year's winner and changes the odds in his own dog's favor.