The Queen and the Welshman

by Rosmary Anne Sisson
Directed by Edward Burnham
Edinburgh Festival, Lyric Hammersmith and Tour


  • Frank Finlay ... Gaoler
    Gordon Gardner ... John
    Jill Downs ... Margaret
    Hilary Liddell ... Queen Katherine
    Edward Woodward ... Sir Owen Tudor
    Ian White ... Rainault
    Jack Rodney ... Villiers
    Raymond Mason ... Hall
    Raymond Turner ... John, Duke of Bedford
    Edward Burnham ... Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester

    "Very occasionally in the theatre an actor achieves by a single gesture an effect that wings straight to the heart of an audience. Mr Woodward did so last night when, as he held the Queen in his arms for the last time, he gave her a long, slow, silent smile in which affection and brave confidence perfectly blended. It was a magic moment".

    The Evening News (see below)
    Edward Woodward gets a great review, no doubt well earned, in this production of the Queen And The Welshman.

    Edward Woodward and Frank Finlay - two young actors starting their careers. Edward, a very fine actor had a stellar career in Film, TV and Theatre. He is most probably best remembered for his performances in The Wicker Man (1973) on film and Callan (1967) and The Equalizer (1985) on TV but he was also a very accomplished stage actor.

    Frank and Edward would go on to work together in Play of The Month: Julius Caesar (1969) and were close lifelong friends - as can be seen in Edward's "This is your life" (1995).