Little Theatre, Sunderland

The Mayville Players
Director of Productions L. Griffith-Knight

  • Productions:
    Wk Beginning: November 11th
    Artifical Silk
    By H. C. Lomax

    Wk Beginning: November 18th
    My Mother Had Three Sons
    By Richard Sargent

    Wk Beginning: November 25th
    They Fly By Twilight
    By Paul Dornhurst

    Wk Beginning: December 9th
    Mountain Air
    By Ronald Wilkinson

    Wk Beginning: December 16th
    Johnny Belinda
    By Elmer Harris

    Wk Beginning: December 22nd
    Glad Tidings
    By R F Delderfield

    Wk Beginning: Jan 13th
    September Tide
    By Daphne Du Marier

    Wk Beginning: Jan 20th
    The Hollow
    By Agatha Christie

    Wk Beginning: Feb 17th
    Jane Steps Out
    By Kenneth Horne

    Wk Beginning: Feb 24th
    A Man About The House
    By John Parry

    Wk Beginning: March 3rd
    Beggar My Neighbour
    By Arnold Ridley

    Wk Beginning: March 14th
    Too Young To Marry
    By Martin Flavin. Adapted by Emile Littler

    Wk Beginning: March 24th
    Madame Tic-Tac
    By Falkland L. Cary and Phillip Weathers

    Wk Beginning: March 31st
    Bed, Board And Romance
    By Harry Jackson

    Wk Beginning: April 6th
    Here We Come Gathering
    By Phillip King and Anthony Armstrong

    Wk Beginning: May 4th
    To Have And To Hold
    By Lionel Brown

    Wk Beginning: May 11th
    Aren't We All?
    By Frederick Lonsdale

    Wk Beginning: May 18th
    Without This Ring
    By Falkland L. Cary and Ivan Butler

    Wk Beginning: June 8th
    The Shining Hour
    By Keith Winter

    Wk Beginning: June 8th
    Tony Draws A Horse
    By Lesley Storm

    Wk Beginning: June 29th
    Joking Apart
    By Ivan Butler

    Wk Beginning: July 6th
    The Silver Cord
    By Sidney Howard

    Wk Beginning: July 13th
    Easy Money
    By Arnold Ridley

    Wk Beginning: July 20th
    None So Blind
    By Armitage Owen

    Wk Beginning: August 24th Smilin' Thru'
    By Allen Langdon Martin

    Wk Beginning: August 31st
    The Happiest Days Of Your Life
    By John Dighton
  • Company Members 1952-53

    David Beeching
    Francis Butler
    Maureen Collinson
    Roland Coombes
    Ian Cullen
    Lolette Curnock
    John E Day
    Susan Dewey
    Beverley Douglas
    Frank Finlay
    Jack Irvine
    Rene Johns
    David Kirk
    Miles MacMahon
    John Morton
    David Read
    Barbara Richmond
    Doris Richmond
    Ann Seymour
    Doreen Shepherd
    Gillian Spoor
    Austin Steele
    Alwin Summers
    John Tanner
    Dorothy Thompson
    Elizabeth Tilley
    Barbara Wilson