Hippodrome, Bolton

The Lawrence-Williamson Repertory Players

  • Productions
    From programmes retained - some productions missing

    Wk Beginning: January 23rd
    Separate Rooms
    By Joseph Carole and Alan Dinehart

    Wk Beginning: January 10th
    To Kill A Cat
    By Roland Pertwee and Harold Dearson

    Wk Begining: February 5th
    Cut For Partners
    by Lionel Brown

    Wk Beginning: February 13th
    Mystery At Blackwater
    By Dan Sutherland

    Wk Beginning: February 20th
    Ask Your Dad
    By Edwin Lewis

    Wk Beginning: February 27th
    Sweet Aloes
    By Jay Mallory

    Wk Beginning: March 5th
    Strictly Business
    By Rosemary West

    Wk Beginning: March 12th
    Miss Mabel
    By R C Sherriff

    Wk Beginning: March 19th
    A Husband For Nora
    By Armitage Owen

    Wk Beginning: April 2nd
    Intimate Relations
    By Strafford Dickens

    Wk Beginning: April 9th
    Leap In The Dark
    By Wilfred Massey

    Wk Beginning: April 23rd
    By Stuart Ready

    Wk Beginning: May 7th
    The Eleventh Hour
    By C. Neilson Gattey and Z. Bramley-Moore

  • Company Members

    J Richard Austin
    Dennis Scott
    Maureen Norman
    Jean Rimmer
    Gerald Cowan
    Herbert Evelyn
    Frank Finlay
    Bessie Osborne
    Lora Layson
    Julia Barron
    Jean Wraith
    Penelope Davis