The Trial Of Mary Dugan

by Bayard Veiller
Directed by Hugh Miller

RADA Students

London County Council Open-Air Entertainments
Waterlow Park and Streatham Common
June 20th - 25th

  • Clerk Of Court ..... Keith Baxter-Wright
    Judge Nash ..... Neville Jacobson
    District Attorney Galwey ..... Graham Abernathy
      Monday, Wednesday Evening, Thursday, Friday & Saturday Evening
    District Attorney Galwey ..... Tristram Jellinek
      Tuesday, Wednesday Matinee And Saturday Matinee
    District Attorney's Secretary ..... Sylvia Childs
    Mary Dugan (Known As Mona Tree)..... Katherine Hallgren
    Pauline Agguerro ..... Joan Frederiksen
    Interpreter ..... Eira Heath
    Dr. Welcome ..... Peter O'Toole
    James Madison ..... Robert Richardson
    Edward West (Mary Dugan's Attorney) ..... Peter Needham
    Police-Inspector Hunt ..... Frank Finlay
    Police-Captain Price ..... Harvey Ashby
    Dagmar Lorne (of "The Follies") ..... Virginia Thomas
    May Harris (of "The Scandals") ..... Phyllis Tillinghast
    Ferne Arthur (of "The Follies") ..... Patricia Kilgarriff
    Jimmy Dugan ..... Michael O'Brien
    Mrs. Edgar Rice ..... Claudine Morgan
    Court Stenographer ..... Mary Richards
    Patricia Kearney ..... Alison Mckinnell
    Marie Ducrot ..... Eira Heath
    Henry Plaisted ..... Tristram Jellinek
      Monday, Wednesday Evening, Thursday, Friday & Saturday Evening
    Henry Plaisted ..... Graham Abe
      Tuesday, Wednesday Matinee And Saturday Matinee Rnathy
    Reporter ..... Geoffrey Goldsmith
    Court Attendants:
    Antony Higginson
    Brian Mulholland
    Alan Halley

    Open-Air Entertainments were an extensive post-war programme of entertainments held by the London County Council (LCC) in parks across the city. As well as theatre, these entertainments included opera, ballet, concerts and folk dancing.

    This student production boasted an impressive cast, along with Frank there is Peter O’Toole and Keith Baxter as well as Tristram Jellinek and Peter Needham who both had long careers as actors.