Jupiter Laughs

By A J Cronin
Produced by Kit McCulloch

Farnworth Drama Festival
The Co-oprative Hall, Farnworth
2nd - 5th February

  • Frank and Doreen are to the right, on the small sofa. To the left in the armchair is Irene Berry and perched on the arm is Brian Jackson - the couple also married.
  • Dr Paul Venner ........ John Ward
    Dr Mary Murray ........ Irene Berry
    Albert Chivers ........ George Moore
    Martha Foster ........ Martha Ruscoe
    Jennie ........ Margret M. Stott
    Dr George Thorogood ........ Brian Jackson
    Dr Edgar Bragg ........ Fred W. Burton
    Gladys Bragg ........ Doreen J Shepherd
    Dr Richard Drewett ........ Frank Finlay
    Matron Leeming ........ Anne Owens

    This production of Jupiter Laughs was sponsored by the Farnworth Drama Festival Committee. The play was popular with amateur theatre companies at the time and is a three act drama about a doctor and his love interest, who hopes to become a medical missionary. Frank's future wife Doreen was also in the cast.

    The play was first staged in Glasgow at the King's Theatre in 1940 and starred Henry Longhurst, Catherine Lacey and James Mason. In interesting theatrical connections - Frank would go on to be represented by the same agent as James Mason - Al Parker.