Guildford Theatre Company

  • The Guildford Theatre Company


    29th October - 3rd November Storm In A Teacup by James Bridie, Mr McKeller


    11th -16th March Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare, Casca / Poet

    May/June The Telescope - Repertory Festival

    10th-15th June Lady Frederick by Somerset Maugham, Captain Montgomerie

    17th - 22nd June The White Sheep Of The Family by L.Du Garde Peach and Ian Hay, James Winter J.P

    24th - 29th June The Bespoke Overcoat by Wolf Mankowitz, Morry, a Tailor
    And The Boy With A Cart by Christopher Fry, Matt

    22nd - 27th July Another Man's Daughter by Peter Albery, Henri, Count of Gerolstadt