Guildford Theatre Company

  • 1956
    29th October - 3rd November STORM IN A TEACUP by James Bridie, Mr McKeller

    11th - 16th March JULIUS CAESAR by William Shakespeare, Casca / Poet
    18th- 23rd March ON THE SPOT by Edgar Wallace, Chief Detective Commissioner John Kelly
    25th - 30th March WHO CARES by Leo Lehman, Harry Peterson
    1st - 6th April JESSICA by Warren Tute, Mr Mattews
    15th - 20th April THE VIGIL by Ladislas Fodor, Saul - a Deputy
    22nd - 27th April PARIS FOR THE DAY by Henry Burke

    13th - 18th May THE TELESCOPE By R. C. Sherriff, Mr. Pinnock (4 week Repertory Festival)
    • 21st - 25th May . . . The Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury
    • 27th May - 1st June . . . Queens Theatre, Hornchurch
    • 3rd - 8th June . . . Salisbury

    10th - 15th June LADY FREDERICK by Somerset Maugham, Captain Montgomerie
    17th - 22nd June THE WHITE SHEEP OF THE FAMILY by L.Du Garde Peach and Ian Hay, James Winter J.P
    24th - 29th June THE BESPOKE OVERCOAT by Wolf Mankowitz, Morry, a Tailor
    and THE BOY WITH A CART by Christopher Fry, Matt
    1st - 6th July THE EMPTY CHAIR by Peter Ustinov, Jacques Herbert
    8th - 13th July A VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE by Arthur Miller, Marco
    22nd - 27th July ANOTHER MAN'S DAUGHTER by Peter Albery, Henri, Count of Gerolstadt
    5th - 10th August A MURDER HAS BEEN ARRANGED by Emlyn Williams, Sir Charles Jasper
    16th - 21st September THE QUEEN AND THE WELSHMAN by Rosemary Anne Sisson, Gaoler & Henry Beaufort
    7th - 12th October LOOK BACK IN ANGER by John Osborne, Colonel Redfern