Farnworth Little Theatre

  • Thank you - Farnworth Little Theatre and Norman Pickles and his book A Celebration of Farnworth Little Theatre 1948-2008

  • Frank was very involved in amateur theatre before embarking on a professional career. He joined the Little Theatre in 1951 and appeared in two plays; Miranda and Trespass. His future wife Doreen Shepherd was also a member and performed in both these plays with him. Doreen also went on to train as an actor in Bradford at the Northern Theatre School under Esme Church.

    Farnworth Little Theatre was founded in 1948. Initially called Farnworth Little Theatre Group they staged productions at the Co-op Hall on Market Street (were Frank performed). In 1952 they leased their own building Kings Hall and changed the name to Farnworth Little Theatre. In 1959 they moved to their present home in Cross Street where they continue today.

    Another notable name who was also a member of The Farnworth Little Theatre is playwright Jim Cartwright.

  • Miranda (1951)

    Left to right:
    Alice Lowe, Cathleen Blower, Jack Holt, Hilda Pickles, Norman Pickles, Frank Finlay, Winnie Bennett.

    On sofa: Doreen Shepherd.

  • Trespass (1952)

    Frank Finlay, fourth from left, Norman Pickles, sixth from left, and Doreen Shepherd, seventh from left.

  • Frank Finlay and his wife Doreen.