• After Haggerty

    By David Mercer
    Directed by David Jones

    Royal Shakespeare Company
    Aldwych Theatre, London - Opened 26th February 1970
    Transfered to: Criterion Theatre, London - Opened February 4th 1971

  • "Frank Finlay's interpretation of the lugubrious, defeated critic, crushed by the ashes of his burnt-out political, artistic and family values, is warm, humane and superbly funny".

    Milton Shulman Evening Standard 5/2/1971
  • Frank Finlay ... Bernard
    Billie Dixon ... Claire
    David Wood ... Roger
    John White ... Chris
    Leslie Sands ... Mr Link
    Margo Jenkins ... Interpreter
    Fredrick Arle ... Interpreter
    Helen Francois ... Interpreter
    Tim Curry ... Actor
    Helen Francois ... Actor
    Margo Jenkins ... Actor
    Malcolm Kaye ... Actor
    Lewis Wilson ... Delivery Man Frederick Arle ... Delivery Man

  • Gathering together the political and social concerns of an era, After Haggerty addresses with breadth and complexity the politics of theatre and personal liberation at a time when social certainties were being rapidly destabilised.

    Bernard Link, a socialist middle-aged theatre critic, has leased a flat in London from Mr Haggerty without having met him. Claire, who is sharp, brittle and American, storms into the flat expecting to find the father of her child, but finds Bernard instead. He is having the flat done up by a couple of jobbing decorators, including an out-of-work homosexual actor. The unhappy cohabitation of this mixture of people is punctuated by excepts from Bernard's pan-European lectures on Marxist theatre, cryptic telegrams from Haggerty in Paris, and the off-stage squalling of Claire and Haggerty's baby, Raskolnikov. Then Bernard's father visits, his reactionary, bigoted views clashing with what suddenly feels like a household.
  • Frank Finlay ... Bernard
    Billie Whitelaw ... Claire
    David Wood ... Roger
    John White ... Chris
    Leslie Sands ... Mr Link
    Valerie Colgan ... Interpreter
    Alec Wallis ... Interpreter
    Merdel Jordine ... Interpreter
    Valerie Colgan ... Actor
    Merdel Jordine ... Actor
    Brett Forrest ... Actor
    Malcolm Kaye ... Actor
    Lewis Wilson ... Delivery Man
    Alec Wallis ... Delivery Man